The Most Promising Web 2.0 Software of 2006

It's been almost three months since my last major roundup of Web 2.0 software and I thought it's about time to release another update. The pace of innovation in the next generation of online software has continued unabated and we've seen dozens upon dozens of new entries into the market since December. And while a few of the market niches are starting to fill up, almost as often as not these new software products are inventing completely new spaces in which to serve. It's been thrilling to watch TechCrunch and eHub continue to announce new product after new product. I personally get at least an e-mail a day asking me to take a look at new applications. This article will reward many of you who have waiting so patiently.

Ajax desktops alone are changing the public perception of the possibilities of online software. And with the yesterday's release of Office Live beta, businesses too will increasingly look at moving their operations to online software. Concerns about privacy, reliability, and lock-in with online software are going to continue to mount while at the same time we'll see attempts to address these issues.

Finally, the term Web 2.0 itself remains as unevenly accepted as ever but more and more people now know what it means: online, two-way, collaborative software that is interactive and easy to use, often creating a community around it. There is more however, much more to Web 2.0, and I encourage you to study it since it can help you find as well as create terrific online software experiences. 

A couple of notes: This list is only new Web 2.0 software that was released or extensively overhauled since January 1st, 2006. And the usual disclaimer: This list is my personal list, is not official, and is completely subjective. I do hope you enjoy it however. Check out my last two lists (first, second), especially the comments, to get a good feel for everything else already out there.

Also, all readers are very soundly encouraged to contribute their own entries in the feedback/comments down below. Make sure you leave clickable hyperlink so users can see what you're created.

Category: Personal Productivity and Organization

Best Offering: Zoho Planner (overhaul)

Zoho Planner

Description: Zoho Planner is a very capable Ajax-powered online planner that can handle to do lists, appointments, notes, and more using a very elegant, clean interface. It's now my favorite online organizer and I use it every day. Zoho Planner supports tagging, collaboration, e-mail notification, and much more. There are lots of Web 2.0 online planning products and while some are more detailed or more feature rich, none so far have quite the right feel like this one does.  For more details, read my review of Zoho Planner at the Web 2.0 Journal.

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Aiden Reynolds
Aiden Reynolds
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